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Released For Stream Party Listening Music compo 2014. Placed 1st.

AFter recovering from the massive easter-flu, I went on to organize the bus-trips for Stream. Somewhere in between I wrote this. This was a hard track to finish. I ended up with several goof ideas, but nothing solid. Then this one night it came to me to use samples from Gladiator, and then the pieces just fell into place. I entered and the audience was pleased enough to grant me 1st place. This is the third song where I am using my new drumkit-vsti, and I think I am starting to pull it off. What do you think?


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Released For Revision Streamins Music compo 2014. Placed 2nd.

I had the most terrible flu in years, I was just hoping to make it out alive. While on this semi-lucid journey, I wrote this. And I have to be honest here: I did not expect this to excel. I was hoping for this to get pre-selected out, so I could continue work on this. And what do you know, I placed 2nd. Even Romeo Knight was pre-selected out. So there you have it. A track that made it, I dont know why. People like this, so take a listen then!


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Released For Payback Tracked Music compo 2014. Placed 1st.

I had to dig down to my pockets and fetch and unreleased track for this one. I was just so busy with organizing the party that I had NO time to work on an entry. So I digged my harddrive, found this, added stuff, and polished this goldie to glory. Wasn’t a big victory for me, only two songs in the compo, but I was glad to see this out of my system. This is, was, and always shall be dedicated to my friends no longer with us


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Released For Alternative Party 2013 Healing music compo. Placed 3rd.

I was not supposed to make a track for Altparty, but I ended up doing something on saturday morning 04:00-09:00. Obviously the mixing sucked Big Time, so I had to come back to this an mix it from scratch. Ended up 3rd with BassCadet winning and Jugi placing 2nd. The theme of the party was “Hospital” and all entries on that theme got addition 10 points for the voting. I couldn’t resist, hense: “Do Not Resusciate”.


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Released For Assembly 2013 Listening music compo. Placed 1st.

A track I had done earlier, but was not played at another demoparty. So I went back to it, redid all guitars, added some stuff, and remastered to whole thing. So here lies the end result. Enjoy!


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Released For Outline 2013 Newschool music compo. Placed 6th.

Did this in a real haste for Outline. Releasing this took time as I noticed on the way to Holland, that there was a flaw in the guitars. Took me ages to get around to fixing the mistake, but here now it is.


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Released For Revision Streming Music compo. Placed 2nd.

I tried something different this time: brute force. Not much else to say about this.


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Released For Payback 2013 Streaming music compo. Placed 2nd.

A track I had in the drawer for several years. Was meant to be a demotrack, but the demo never got made, so I juiced it up a little and released as-is. Little Bitchard beat me in the compo, but I am not that down about it :)


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Released For Kindergarden 2012 Dance music compo. Placed 1st.

A “dancemusic” released for KG. Decided to do a little different track than usual, just to see what could be done. The overall quality of the compo was not as high as in the past years, which helped this track. Comments said about this track during the party were positive.

This track is dedicated to Giles.


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Released For We Can 2012 Streaming music compo. Placed 1st.

A track I did in a couple of days as a compofiller. Was my first time to go to Poland and was very anxious to get there. As usual the mixing could have been a bit better and with time. But I never have the time when I do these. Anyhow the crowd was quite pleased with this and showed it by voting me as the winner. Greetings to Poland, We Can and everyone I met at that very nice party!

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